Preparing For A Senara Spa Treatment Visit

  • An hour of so before a massage or another body treatment, try to start letting some of your stress go to get yourself in the right frame of mind. To do that, you might listen to soothing music, go for a walk or do whatever you know will help put you more at ease.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can change easily.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your appointment.
  • We also encourage you to arrive even earlier or stay after your services to take advantage of the relaxation opportunity provided in our ladies and mens locker rooms, lounges, and hospitality bars.
  • We try our best to maintain the most tranquil environment for our guests, which is why the spa is a cell phone free zone. So please turn your phone off or to vibrate while in the Senara Spa area.
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