Gift Certificates

Give the gift of relaxation.

You can make anyone happy with the gift that fits every body, a Senara gift certificate. Certificates can be used for any of our services, including massages and manicures, and even merchandise. And if you’re a last minute shopper, we’ve made it easy for you to download and print your gift instantly.

Chiropractic Membership Plans & Pricing

A Membership Plan For Affordable and Convenient Chiropractic and Wellness Services

Introducing a ChiroHealth Membership Discount Plan that makes care affordable and convenient for you and your family. Our discount plan helps you save money, is easy to understand, and allows you to receive the care you need.  Members also benefit from discounted pricing on other services like Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Lab Testing.

If you have insurance coverage for care in our office, we can still bill your insurance plan for the benefits you have available. When your major medical insurance benefits are exhausted, ChiroHealth Membership allows you to continue to receive care at affordable rates, with straight-forward pricing. If you do no have Chiropractic coverage or would like to avoid using your insurance due to high deductible or copay, the ChiroHealth Membership Discount Plan is the perfect alternative so you can receive cost-effective treatment.

Join at anytime! Annual Membership is only $49 for you and your immediate family and is valid for a full 365 days from the time you join. Membership can be renewed every year to continue the savings!

By joining ChiroHealth you and your family are eligible for discounts that make care affordable. Check it out!!!

Senara ChiroHealth Membership Plan

Annual Enrollment: $49.00 (Includes you and Immediate family members).

Membership Discounted Fees

Enjoy savings on additional therapies and services as a member of Senara’s ChiroHealth Discount Plan.

Service Regular Fee ChiroHealth
Member Price

X-Rays (required every 2 years*)
Per area (spine can be 1-3 areas)

$60-80 $40
Exams (required every 6 months or 12 visits*)
New Patient Exams

Single Adjustment


$30 (new lower price!)

Physical Therapy
Decompression Therapy
30-minute Physical Therapy Exercise Session
Massage Therapy (prescribed by our physicians)
Acupuncture $110 $65 (infertility $110)
Diagnostic Testing/Labs Varies Varies
(call for details)


To enroll in Senara’s ChiroHealth Membership Discount Program, please visit our front desk for an application. Annual enrollment fee of $49- payable to ChiroHealthUSA via check or credit card- is due upon receipt of the completed enrollment form. Membership benefits begin immediately and are valid for a full 365 from date of purchase.

Certain limitations apply on enrollment. Some insurance plans prohibit enrollment in discount plans, and HSA or FSA benefits may not be available for services received. Please inquire with our Front Desk or Billing Department to find out your eligibility for enrollment in ChiroHealthUSA.


* Routine exams and x-rays are required as part of Senara’s standard of care. Additional exams or x-rays may be required upon new injury, acute flair-up, or other change to your medical condition. Failure to comply with exams or x-rays when requested by our medical staff may result in discontinuation of care.
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