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Functional Medicine Peoria Archives - Experience Senara

Health Benefits of Enjoying Coffee (And Other Ways Foods Affect Your Health)

Are you one of the millions of Americans that just can’t quite get started in the morning without a cup or two of coffee? Maybe it’s that delicious aroma that helps perk you up, maybe it’s the first scalding sip hitting your tongue, or maybe it’s the caffeine rush that hits 10 minutes after you […]

Hypothyroidism: How Functional Medicine Can Help, Naturally

When the body is struggling with something, it’s usually pretty good about letting us know. After all, when your body is battling the flu virus, you’ll feel the effects through things like coughing, sneezing, running a fever, aches, chills, and more. But sometimes, your body may not display such obvious signals when something goes wrong. […]

What To Do When Your Insomnia Won’t Go Away

Have you ever experienced insomnia? Talk about a frustrating feeling! There are few things as awful as feeling exhausted to your very core, but lying in bed, wide awake or tossing and turning all night long. Insomnia can even feel like the more desperately you try to claw your way to sleep, the more wide […]

Foods That Improve Fat Loss

Contrary to popular belief, weight loss is not just about calories in, calories out.  There are some specific things you can add to your diet to improve metabolism and help you meet your weight loss goals. Senara’s Medical Weight Loss program coordinator, Dr. Stephanie Griffitts, has some favorite foods she recommends to her patients regularly. […]

Try A Detox Diet Safely With These Nutrition Tips

Have you been feeling run-down? Sluggish? Feel like you’re constantly on the verge of catching a cold? Your body is probably trying to tell you something. If you’ve been feeling less than great, a detoxification diet (or detox diet) could be just the ticket to help you get back to feeling more like your usual […]

Minimize Brain Fog With These Natural Methods

Do you hit a slump every afternoon? It can be a nuisance when you’re trying to work hard but having trouble keeping your eyelids open. This feeling is a common one, often referred to as “brain fog.” Brain fog is not just annoying sleepiness when you should be wide awake, it can also include other […]

Candida Questions: Treating & Preventing Candidiasis Infections Naturally

In our modern, probiotic-friendly society, you’re probably well aware that not all bacteria is bad. Your body has a variety of different bacteria and other small organisms that help your body function well. This includes helpful bacteria in your gut, which probiotic-rich yogurt and kefir is supposed to support, but there are other areas your […]

When Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Can Help

Hormone levels naturally fluctuate throughout life. How and why your hormone levels fluctuate will vary depending on a whole range of different factors. Some of those reasons are totally normal and healthy, and some of them less so. Fortunately for those who need a bit of hormone help, bioidentical hormone therapy offers a solution.   […]

Natural Treatments For Hot Flashes

Onset hot flashes feel like a warm heat-wave washes over you; it’s intense across your face and through your chest. In most cases, you will sweat profusely and wonder how long it will last before you can cool off back to a normal body temperature. Unfortunately, as you do cool off, the flash isn’t over […]

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