Balance your skin for a healthy glow.

Balance your skin for a healthy glow. Mineral salts exfoliate the body to remove dull skin, leaving it radiant and smooth with Senara’s Seaweed Aromatherapy Bath Treatment. It includes a hydro-bath enhanced with our Gigartina beauty bath, spiked with pure lavendar and marine extracts, leaving you with a sense of bliss from the inside out.

Balance Your Skin

Your Home

When you open the doors to Senara, you enter a place in time created uniquely for you, a place for an unrivaled lifestyle experience. We designed our building with a Tuscan feel that’s open, airy and inviting.

Inside, you’ll find attention to detail in every square foot of Senara’s 12,000-square-foot interior that includes our 7,000-square-foot Senara Spa. From the environmentally friendly interior materials we’ve selected to the artwork by local artists you’ll see throughout the building, it’s all designed to make you, our guests, feel completely comfortable and at home. And a welcome member of the Senara community.

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